I help startups to make
clear investments docs
and presentations
Hi, my name is Alyona. I'm graduated from Moscow University "Higher School of Economics" and have a Master degree at Innovation Management.

I have been working with entrepreneurs for 5 years. I help startups to prepare for investors and partners meetings, create clear and convincing presentations, analyze markets and describe business models.
My previous work experience is Yandex corporate startup accelerator (Russian leading search engine company), private accelerator called MetaBeta, business incubator for students of Innopolis University and startup center of VEB Innovations Russia (Bank of Development).

Now I work with private clients and help startups to accomplish tasks that often do not receive enough attention at small fast growing companies: creating effective market analysis, presentations, investment docs and business plans.
I'm good at:
I analyze a project market, study the competitors, create a financial forecast and visualize a data carefully: graphs, charts, road maps
I comment on the design and structure of current presentations and help with necessary edits to present it successfully to an investor or partner
Investment docs
I create a detailed text document describing the company's business development plan using any unstructured materials: old presentations versions, text notes, audio messages, project video or what you have
Market insights
I look for ongoing trends in your industry, analyze innovative business models, scrutinize the newest market ideas and structure it in one guide
in order you to get the most effective business decisions
How do I work
Key clients

Startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs who actively works on a product, business development and networking and do not always have time to keep documents structured and updated.

Usually - calls and messengers,
but we can also meet in person
if you visit Moscow

Any. From agriculture to blockchain (it may be difficult to go deep at hardcore developers products)

I can not help you if you do not fully understand what is your product for and who is your client
Terms and prices
depends on the project deadlines and its complexity
500 - 1500 EUR
1 week to 1 month
Executive summary
for retail startup
Task: to prepare a 3-page project review
for a specific business angel

Deadline: 1 week
Market analysis for sports tech and e-health company
Task: structure and visualize data on digital health market for partners presentation

Deadline: 2 weeks
White Paper for blockchain startup in a music industry
Task: to build a detailed business plan for a blockchain startup with a roadmap and financial plan using comments and interviews with a founder

Deadline: 3 weeks
Take a closer look at my work,
it's possible I have solved already a similar problem
Introduce yourself!
Tell about your project and ongoing tasks
and I will answer if I can help you
+7 999 157 11 05
ИП Протасова Алёна Игоревна
ОГРН 317366800100394
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